Classical Trumpet Performance, Teaching

​John Freeman

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Being able to play high notes it not so much about building strength as much as it is learning the right coordination of muscles.  We learn best by doing.  Start by practicing this easy overtone series up to high C:

Once you get comfortable with this, start working on an overtone exercise up to the 5th above the octave:

These two preceding exercises may take months or years to gain proficiency with, but are well worth the time invested.  Once you are comfortable with them, and getting up to F, F# and G, add this short one:

Good Advice:

Exercise caution during high note practice.

Never practice high notes louder than mf, otherwise you could hurt your lip.

Limit to 15 minutes per day.

Patience and consistency will bring great rewards.  Don't be in a hurry to learn.  It takes a long time to develop a good high range.

High Notes